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Skibidi Toilet Attack Knife

In Skibidi Toilet Attack Knife, players become a Skibidi Toilet with a rather important mission. It has to launch dangerous weapons at the enemies who are bound with rope! With your weapon of choice, take aim at the enemies and start shooting!

Skibidi Toilet Attack Knife features simple but addictive gameplay. All you have to do is click at the enemy and launch weapons at them. However, in later levels, the enemies may be hidden behind objects, which requires players to either find the right angle to shoot them or destroy them first with weapons. Beware, though; you only have a limited number of weapons that will deplete with every attack, so hit your targets accurately and finish them off before it's too late! Acquire additional weapons and improve your weapon's base damage and ammo capacity to get through levels more easily!

How To Play

Click to shoot knives at the enemy. The Skibidi Toilet will aim at wherever you click on the screen. Try your best to defeat enemies before your weapon count runs out!

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