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Skibidi Toilet Archer

Skibidi Toilet Archer is a quirky arcade challenge that revolves around using arrows to take down your target. The game offers two game modes:

  1. Vs Computer: In this mode, you will compete against the computer. You play as a cameraman in a black suit, and your opponent is the Skibidi Toilet. Both of you are armed with arrows, and you must aim precisely at each other. You and the toilet take turns shooting. Use the mouse to lean your character in the appropriate direction to launch a well-aimed arrow. Oh, and be cautious of the obstacles. They don't move, but they will obstruct your line of sight and your arrow's path.
  2. Bird Hunting!: Well, as the name suggests, you will be hunting birds with your arrows in this mode. However, the birds flying in the sky are replaced by the freakish Skibidi Toilet! The gameplay is the same as in Vs Computer mode but with a slightly greater challenge, as the toilet moves really fast.

How To Play

Use your mouse to drag and aim.

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