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Skibidi Monster Toilet

Skibidi Monster Toilet

Begin your adventures in the Skibidi Monster Toilet and be the last one standing! Skibidi Monster Toilet provides you with three games with completely different themes:

  • Skibidi Red Light, Green Light: When the giant Skibidi Toilet isn't looking, run as fast as you can, but come to a complete stop the second it turns around! Similar to the popular Squid Game series, players are eliminated from the game if their character is seen to be moving while the giant Skibidi Toilet is looking.
  • Sneak Skibidi Strike: Put an end to the Cameramen from behind without them even knowing in this stealth game full of thrills! As a Skibidi Toilet, you must sneak behind the unsuspecting Cameramen and knock them all off to progress to the next level.
  • Skibidi Granny: The game begins with you inside a house with a Skibidi Toilet patrolling the area. Try your best to find the escape and avoid confronting the Skibidi Toilet, since it can eliminate you in one hit!

How To Play

Control the character with your mouse.

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