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Skibidi Jump Challenge

Skibidi Jump Challenge

Get ready for the best jumping challenge ever with Skibidi Jump Challenge! In this game, players take on the role of the adviser for the playful Skibidi Toilet, who is trying his best to stack as many dustbins below him as possible! Find the right time to jump so he can land on a dustbin, and don’t let him be knocked off by one of the dustbins! What is your best score so far?

Skibidi Jump Challenge features simple yet addictive gameplay. The game puts players in the shoes of the Skibidi Toilet, who’s trying his best to step on as many dustbins as possible! However, the special thing is that there are dustbins that continue to be launched from the sides, so you will need to find the right opportunity to jump on them. Don’t jump too late, since the dustbin can knock the Skibidi Toilet off the stack and make him fall off!

How To Play

Click anywhere on the screen to make the Skibidi Toilet jump.

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