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Skibidi Hop

Skibidi Hop

Skibidi Hop is a really simple and addictive jumping game. In this game, Skibidi finds himself on a strange planet and has to run in a circle while avoiding the red flag by jumping over it. Sounds like a piece of cake, right? Well, hang on tight because things are about to get wild!

The challenge comes from the increasing speed of your running. As you progress, the speed cranks up faster than a runaway rocket. You'll be jumping like a kangaroo on caffeine just to keep up! Eventually, the speed becomes overwhelming, and it becomes really hard to jump over the obstacle.

The more you run, the more points you get. However, should you stumble and meet your doom, your score plummets back to zero. It's like life's way of saying, "Oops, try again!". To make Skibidi jump, just click on the screen. You can keep track of your score at the bottom left of the screen. Now, click to start and try to beat the high score!

How To Play

Mouse click or tap to play

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