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Skibidi Coloring

Skibidi Coloring

We're excited to welcome you to Skibidi Coloring! Get ready for a unique encounter with the toilet monster Skibidi, but this time, things are a bit different. Skibidi has lost its colors and will appear before you as black and white drawings. It's up to you to bring it to life with vibrant colors!

You'll have a variety of eighteen sketches to choose from. Once you've selected a sketch, it's time to unleash your creativity by choosing from a wide range of colors available in the game. In addition to different pencil thicknesses, you'll find brushes, rollers, and even a bucket that can cover large areas with color in a snap. Each tool leaves its unique mark, offering a range of effects from bold and saturated to soft and translucent. With various colors to choose from, you can create your very own unique piece of art!

Skibidi Coloring also features a fantastic feature that allows you to zoom in on specific areas. This way, you can paint with precision, ensuring you don't go beyond the intended boundaries. And if you make any mistakes or want to start over, don't worry! You can always use a special eraser to perfect your artwork. Now, grab your brushes and bring Skibidi to life with vibrant colors and create stunning works of art!

How To Play

Use the left mouse to select tools for drawing and coloring.

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