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Skibidi Blocks

Skibidi Blocks

Try out Skibidi Blocks if you love simple and intuitive arcade games! In this game, your role is to help the Skibidi Toilet as he continues to progress forward. However, the path ahead is not a straight line, and the Skibidi Toilet is not exactly capable of jumping! Thankfully, he can move to higher platforms using the wooden boxes that appear mysteriously! Make use of these boxes and lead the Skibidi Toilet to the finish line!

Skibidi Blocks challenges players to think quickly and decide when to place wooden boxes. In each level, your role is to keep the Skibidi Toilet moving until he reaches the finish line. With each wooden box spawned, the toilet dweller can move one block higher, and you can spawn as many blocks as you want! Don’t forget to collect the small poo on your way to the finish line!

How To Play

Click on the screen to generate a wooden box below the Skibidi Toilet. Use these boxes to help him reach higher places.

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