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Skibidi Artist

Skibidi Artist

Skibidi Artist is more than just a drawing game because you must draw to fulfill the game's challenging requirements. You'll be provided with a blackboard and a range of pencil tip sizes to choose from. And, since it's a Skibidi game, your artistic creations will revolve around none other than the hilariously freakish Skibidi Toilet. whatever you sketch will gracefully tumble down to the bottom. And guess what? You must cleverly utilize this to your advantage to complete each level's objectives.

There are 30 levels in total, each offering different challenges. Your performance in each level is evaluated using a star rating system, with a maximum of 3 stars. Achieving 3 stars means you've performed exceptionally well, whereas 1 star is less impressive.

Furthermore, each level has a time limit of 15 seconds. The faster you complete the task, the higher your star rating will be. It all boils down to speed, my friend! Essentially, your rating is based on the time it takes you to complete the level. So, why not give Skibidi Artist a try and see if you can conquer all 30 levels with a glorious 3-star performance?

How To Play

Mouse click or tap to play

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