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Skibidi And The Pumpkin

Skibidi And The Pumpkin

Celebrate your spooky season with Skibidi and The Pumpkin, an enjoyable and addictive game that challenges players to run away from the dreaded Skibidi Toilet. Play as Mr. Pumpkin, who just wants to enjoy Halloween in peace, but now he is being chased by the infamous toilet dweller!

Skibidi and The Pumpkin features 21 levels, so you can enjoy the game to the fullest. Control Mr. Pumpkin and help him escape from the Skibidi Toilet by hopping past obstacles on the way and reaching the finish line before being caught. Each level requires more skills than the previous one. Try your best not to bump into the boxes in the way, since they slow you down considerably and let the Skibidi Toilet creep even closer to you!

How To Play

Click to make Mr. Pumpkin jump, and click twice to perform double-jumping. Help Mr. Pumpkin reach the finish line before the Skibidi Toilet catches up with him!

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