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Race of Toilet Madness

Race of Toilet Madness

Race of Toilet Madness is undoubtedly the most hilarious and funny racing game of all time, thanks to its peculiar visuals and witty game mechanics. In this game, our mad toilet character joins in a thrilling race to reach the finish line while skillfully avoiding numerous obstacles on the track, as well as a persistent pursuer hot on its tail.

Prepare yourself for a race track teeming with obstacles - and I mean a whole lot of them. These obstacles are named Camera Man. They sport black suits with white gloves and have heads shaped like cameras. These Camera Man appear randomly and abundantly along the track, posing a significant challenge. It is essential to do everything in your power to avoid them, as colliding with a Camera Man will slow you down and cost you a life. Fear not, though, as Race of Toilet Madness grants you three lives to navigate the course. Use these opportunities wisely, for once you slow down, the chances of losing the race become exponentially higher. 

As mentioned before, there is a relentless "thing" chasing you from behind, whose appearance varies depending on the level. It could be a rocket, a flying Reaper with a camera-shaped head, or any number of other amusing forms. Oh, and did I forget to mention that on a specific level, the mad toilet characters sprout legs and traverse the race track on foot? Furthermore, at certain stages, the game bombards you with countless horizontally flying rockets. Exercise caution and deftly maneuver to avoid losing a life. There are plenty more challenges and comical elements awaiting you in Race of Toilet Madness. So, jump right in and explore them all on your own!

How To Play

Move: Key buttons

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