Skibidi Toilet 67 Part 3: Analysis, Mystery and Easter Eggs

Skibidi Toilet 67 Part 2: Analysis, Mystery and Easter Eggs

Skibidi Toilet 67 Part 1: Analysis, Mystery and Easter Eggs

skibidi toilet 67

skibidi multiverse 19

Skibidi Toilet 66: Analysis, Mystery and Easter Eggs

skibidi multiverse 18

skibidi toilet 66

skibidi multiverse - season 5

skibidi multiverse 17

Skibidi Toilet 65: Analysis, Mystery and Easter Eggs

Season 21

skibidi multiverse 16

skibidi toilet 65

skibidi multiverse 15

G-Man Skibidi Toilet (Decoy)

Acid Barrel Skibidi Toilet

Black Camerawoman

Jetpack Nailgunner Police Skibidi Toilet

Glitch Skibidi Toilet 2 2

Draw and take up as much space as possible in Paper.IO 2! Cut your way through other’s lines and claim first place in this multiplayer game!

Establish your own territory and capture the whole arena with Paper.IO 2! Draw your lines and connect them back to your colored area to expand your place. Interject others by cutting into their lines and destroying them, then claim their territory as your own! How much can you take up in the whole arena?

Paper.IO 2 is an enjoyable multiplayer game with colorful graphics, simple gameplay, and competitive aspects. Battle with other players as you draw your lines and claim your arena by making complete loops. However, as you draw, your incomplete lines will be exposed to other players too, and they can clash with them and make you disappear! While simple at first glance, the game requires some degree of strategizing and logical thinking. If you want to have the largest territory, be sure to look around first before drawing long, bold lines!

How To Play

  • Use the arrow keys, the WASD keys, or move your mouse to draw lines on the arena.
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