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Kogama: Skibidi War

Kogama: Skibidi War

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a part of the intense battle between the Skibidi Toilets and The Alliance? Kogama: Skibidi War will give you the experience you are looking for! In this expansive multiplayer game, choose a team, explore the war-devastated city, aid your force, and discover cool details such as the Titan Cameraman and Infected Titan Speakerman!

Kogama: Skibidi War features a detailed map with numerous hidden gimmicks. Players begin by choosing their side and their character, beginning with a Cameraman and a Normal Skibidi Toilet. As players gain more experience points by participating in battles, they can unlock higher-tier characters, including the Titan TV Man and G-Man Skibidi Toilet! Begin your epic battle now!

How To Play

  • Control your character: WASD keys.
  • Jump: Spacebar.
  • Use weapon: Left mouse button.
  • Respawn: K key.
  • Drop equipped items or weapons: V key.
  • Interact with nearby object: E key.
  • Toggle on or off shooting mode: Q key.
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