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Hit The Skibidi

Hit The Skibidi

Show off your aiming skills with Hit The Skibidi! Carve diamond swords into the heads of popular characters from Minecraft and Skibidi Toilet. Try to throw as many swords as you can and see the changes in the character’s head!

Hit The Skibidi challenges players to be extremely precise with their aiming. Players’ goal is to throw as many diamond swords into the character's head as possible without hitting the other thrown swords on his head. While it may be easy for the first few swords, you will soon find out that it is much harder to throw as the number of swords increases since the rotating speed of the head also gets faster! With each sword thrown, you get a point. At the beginning, the rotating head is Steve’s, but when you reach a score of 10, the head changes to Herobrine’s instead! Try to reach the score of 20 to have the Skibidi Toilet and listen to its Skibidi Toilet song!

How To Play

Click to launch the diamond sword at the rotating head.

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