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Coco Skibidi

Coco Skibidi

Coco Skibidi is an incredibly challenging action game that puts your hand-eye coordination to the test! In this game, you control not just one, but two Skibidi characters at the same time. Your goal is to help these characters avoid numerous obstacles using your coordination skills.

The game takes place in a jungle, with a waterfall separating the screen into two sides. To control the Skibidi on each side, simply click on that side of the screen. The obstacles you need to watch out for are coconuts falling continuously from the sky. If you fail to avoid even a single coconut, it's game over, and you'll have to start again.

Coco Skibidi is a real challenge because you have to control both Skibidi characters simultaneously while dealing with the constant rain of falling coconuts. So, why wait? Get ready to take on this game by strapping in, hitting that start button, and prepare to conquer it!

How To Play

Mouse click or tap to play

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