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Attack On Toilet

Attack On Toilet

Just when you thought it was safe to relax on a sunny beach vacation, the toilets strike again in the zany battle game Attack on Toilet! As an unsuspecting cameraman looking for some R&R, you'll have to defend your sandcastle base from 20 days of wacky porcelain assaults.

Beware - the dastardly Boss Toilet awaits at the end with his flushing minions, determined to spoil your holiday. Luckily you can hire a motley crew of eccentric friends to aid in the chaos, each with their own quirky combat abilities. But choose wisely - your support squad slots are limited, forcing you to adopt new strategies daily.

This whimsical war escalates as you upgrade your stronghold with each passing day. Turn that lazy sandcastle into an impenetrable fortress! To master the mayhem, you'll need to aim precisely with your mouse to target each type of kamikaze commode. Try not to lose your mind amidst the anarchy! Can you rise from relaxing vacationer to war hero by triumphing over the 20-day toilet trials? Hold your nose and take aim - the Battle of the Bathrooms is on!

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