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Among Us

Among Us

Get ready for a game full of friendship and betrayal with Among Us! Work together to finish tasks inside the spaceship and uncover the Impostor’ identity!

It is no easy task to work inside a spaceship in Among Us, but it is even more challenging when there are people inside the group who want to eliminate you! Collaborate with other Crewmates to complete all the tasks and monitor them closely, since anyone can be the Impostor! Remember: trust no one but yourself!

Among Us is an exciting multiplayer game with an enjoyable playstyle. It is a perfect game to play with your fellow friends or other players online. There are two main roles in this game, which will be assigned randomly to players at the beginning of the game. The role of a Crewmate is to work with others to accomplish goals while staying safe from the Impostors. However, Impostors may eliminate Crew members or sabotage the important components of the spaceship to divert their attention. In the event of an emergency, players can get together to argue who the Impostor is. Together, you can use your powers of deduction to identify the Impostors, or you can outsmart the Crewmates by working with the other Impostors to achieve victory!

How To Play

  • Control your character with the WASD keys, and use your mouse to interact with the game interface.