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A Dark Room

A Dark Room

Experience a story unlike any other with A Dark Room, a critically-acclaimed text-based adventure full of puzzles and surprises!

In A Dark Room, players begin with little but a fire to be lit inside a desolate forest, which can soon grow into a small community—all told with just words. Make your choices, gather resources, and grow into a thriving community!

A Dark Room provides players with a unique adventure and fosters your perception and imagination with a captivating story. There are few visual clues in this game; players can only continue based on lines of text and choices. In addition, you can also feel satisfaction with the story’s progression, from lighting a fire for a stranger deep in the forest to building a thriving community and beyond. As your place grows in both population and space, you will have to manage your resources carefully and use them to build more huts and additional places like a smokehouse for curing meat and so on. Continue the game to explore the world and make wise choices in certain situations!

How To Play

  • Click to interact with the game’s interface.
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