Hidden Laboratory

The Hidden Laboratory is one of the important locations appearing in the Skibidi Toilet series. This place was first introduced in Episode 23.


The Hidden Laboratory is a place where the most important inventions and upgrades are made. The primary occupants include Scientist Cameramen and other members of The Alliance taking refuge. The interior of the laboratory resembles a bunker with high-tech devices and the logos of The Science Team.

In Episode 23, the Titan Cameraman was seen in the process of repairing and upgrading, surrounded by the Scientist Cameramen. A team of Normal Skibidi Toilet attempted to invade the area, but the Titan Cameraman quickly eliminated them with an energy orb. The Hidden Laboratory made another appearance in Episode 49. A wounded POV-Cameraman was carried and teleported to the laboratory by the TV Woman. There are mostly survivors from the battlefield, along with Scientist Cameraman working on some projects.


  • Skibidi toilet 23 (possibly)
  • Skibidi toilet 49
  • Skibidi toilet 50 (mostly the exterior)


  • The deployment of Titan Cameraman took place in Skibidi toilet 50, after undergoing upgrades.
  • In Skibidi toilet 49, a Cameraman can be seen in a dying state, but in the Hidden Laboratory, he is later seen alive alongside a TV Man, indicating that his life was saved.
  • It is highly unlikely that this laboratory is the same one depicted in Skibidi toilet 23, as it would make no sense to reuse a lab that is meant to be concealed but ends up being discovered by the skibidi toilets.
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