Helicopter Speaker

Helicopter Speakers are one of the supporting variants of the Speakerman faction, along with the Strider Speaker. Their first appearance is in Episode 24 of the Skibidi Toilet series.

Basic Information

Helicopter Speakers are made of large wooden speakers with six blades attached to the main rotors on top of their speakers, giving them the ability for airborne travel. They are around 8 meters in height (without including the rotor). They were first introduced in Episode 24, along with the Speakermen as they joined the battle against the Skibidi Toilets with the Cameramen.

One special version of Helicopter Speakers is the Black Helicopter Speakers, which were attached to the Titan TV Man, upgrading him into the Cinemaman. These Black Helicopter Speakers are capable of amplifying the red light attack from Cinemaman’s screen. 


Just like the Strider Speaker, the most important aspect of the Helicopter Speakers is their ability to blast powerful soundwaves. This attack can knock the Skibidi Toilets off the walls and buildings, destroying them in the process. They also have very high mobility thanks to their ability to fly, and there may be some means of on-air transportation for the Speakerman.











Flight, Speakers and amplifying the Titan TV Man's attacks.

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